class ansys.systemcoupling.core.session.Session(rpc)#

Client interface to a System Coupling server instance, providing an API to set up and solve coupled analyses.

The API that is provided is a fairly thin adaptation of the existing System Coupling data model access and command and query API.

System Coupling runs as a server process, which is accessed via the provided rpc object. This services the command and query requests made here.


Session.download_file(file_name[, ...])

For internal use only: download a file from the PIM-managed instance.


Cancels output streaming previously started by the start_output method.


Close the System Coupling server instance.

Simple test that the server is alive and responding.


Start streaming the standard output written by the System Coupling server.

Session.upload_file(file_name[, ...])

For internal use only: upload a file to the PIM-managed instance.


Pythonic client-side form of the System Coupling case persistence API.


Pythonic client-side form of the System Coupling setup API and data model.


Pythonic client-side form of the System Coupling solution API.